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Looking for a Birthday Party with a difference during the current restrictions?

Book us for a unique online Lego party for building enthusiasts.



Drop us a message letting us know when you would like the party. We will get back in touch letting you know if we are available and with some more questions about how you would like the party to run such as themes etc.


We can set up an online meeting invite for you to send to all those whom you would like to attend or you can do so yourselves but don't forget to send us the meeting details.

We can supply lego for you to distribute to people who are going to attend if needed.



Sit back and let us entertain the participants for an hour-long Lego building party with a series of fun and engaging challenges.

Then back over to you if you want to extend the party to include alternative games or party food etc.


Do the parties work online? - Obviously, they are no substitute for a proper birthday party where you get all your friends and family together t. and being honest when we first decided to run Lego clubs online we were unsure how they would go. However, after about 10 minutes of our first session, it was clear that it was a great idea. In the current climate, they are not only fun and engaging but highly social. Be prepared for a lot of noise at the start of a party when children join the online meeting but once all are there and the party starts we have had plenty of practise of managing them so they run in an organised manner.

But aren't Simply Sport only a SPORTS company? - Since 2001 we have been running holiday sports clubs and school PE sessions and Birthday parties. During Covid, we have been delivering LEGO clubs as holiday and after school clubs which have been extremely popular. 

How much will it cost? - A Lego Party package starts at £50 with additional costs such as the use of our Lego bricks.

How many can attend? - We have had up to 40 children in a club before with no problems. We do find however that the lower the numbers are the more social the clubs can be so would recommend no more than 20.

Does an adult need to be with the child? - Our staff member who is leading the session will be CRC checked as are all of our staff however we do ask that an adult is in the same room as the children who are attending to protect both the children and our staff. The adult doesn't need to join in and can certainly be busy doing other things whilst the session is going on. 

We really loved this today. Noah is only 4 so we weren't sure how he would get on but he was totally engaged throughout. Thank you!

My son loved the online lego club. He enjoyed trying to build all the different things and the instructions were open enough to let the children create in their own way. Although he is usually quite shy, the group was open and friendly allowing him to join in and chat with the others. He's already looking forward to the next session!

Fabulous way to keep Lego mad kids entertained whilst in the comfort of your own home!

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