Hop, skip & jump is a resource to help secure genuine physical literacy for young children


Designed and developed by Simply Sport it focuses around three core movement principles and aims to develop and increase physical competency, ability and understanding amongst Foundation stage and key stage 1 children

Core Principles

Stability – Balance

Locomotion - Agility

Manipulative - co-ordination

Designed to develop the following skills and concepts:     


Listening, spatial awareness, control of equipment, following instructions, shape recognition, movement, body parts, responding to rhythm, how the body moves, movement patterns, efficient motor function, symmetrical activity, basic body movement, large and fine muscle development, eye/hand co-ordination, eye/foot co-ordination, body image, balance, space and direction

Key areas of development

Functional Movement development of the fundamental movement skills

Aesthetic Movement introducing body awareness through movement

Manipulative Skills working with equipment and small apparatus and co-ordinating movements

Movement Concepts working on decision making, how, where and why to move and directional awareness

Delivering the programme

The inclusion of the HSJ programme into a nursery / schools scheme of work can be done in several ways ;

As a full 36 week year going on the full journey of progressions covering all of the programme.

Broken down into blocks of 6/12 weeks.

As HSJ may be seen as a tool to enhance teaching that is already in place it is easy to integrate into existing PE lessons,

Alternatively by following the HSJ programme nurseries / schools can create a specific lesson focused around the development of fundamental movement skills.

Regardless of which approach is used it is important that children are helped to understand why they are doing HSJ activities and how and where these exercises will contribute to their physical development.

Whilst developing the sessions we have considered the following:

Children learn and develop movement skills in different ways and at different times

Children’s FMS development is related to, but does not depend on, their age and previous experience.

Children are likely to develop movement skills in a progressive order


“Over the 8 week programme they improved in listening skills and focus”  EYFS teacher


Observation, Tracking and assessment

The EYFS requires practitioners to be able to demonstrate how children make progress in their learning and development.  It is therefore important that their progress is tracked and reviewed regularly throughout the EYFS.

By the end of the foundation stage, most children will be expected to:

  • move with confidence, imagination and in safety;

  • move with control and coordination;

  • show awareness of space, of themselves and of others;

  • recognise the importance of keeping healthy and those things which contribute to this;

  • recognise the changes that happen to their bodies when they are active;

  • use a range of small and large equipment;

  • travel around, under, over and through balancing and climbing equipment;

  • handle tools, objects, construction and malleable materials safely and with increasing control

The HSJ programme provides on-going formative assessment in the prime areas of learning:

Communication and language

Physical development

Personal, social and emotional development


Providing a link between observing children and effective planning to support their progress.

It supports you in answering the question “What difference is the provision making to the learning, development and progress of the children attending?”

In designing this programme we have aspired to make sure Every Child Matters.

We hope you will be able to use the programme to inspire and support young children to develop a wide range of functional, manipulative and aesthetic movement skills that will benefit them throughout life.

I’m amazed at how much progress they have made. Phyiscal skills, agility and their listening skills have improved so much”  Foundation stage and 2 year old lead


If you would like any further information regarding the programme, its delivery or cost please contact Mick by telephone on 07841204727 or by email mickshead@simplysportltd.co.uk

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