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1-2-1 & Group Sessions

Simply Sport are now offering small group & 121 coaching sessions.

Football is a team game and there is no substitute for game-based training to develop as a player. 

Our small group & 121 coaching offers an opportunity for all football players to work on their individual area of needs, which can be easily neglected in team training, the opportunity to breakdown technical details are vital to long term outcomes.

121 football training offers a great platform for the player to ask questions, and experiment in a pressure-free environment, learn and grow at their own pace.




Contact one of our coaches below or drop us a message. We will get back in touch to discuss you requirements.


After an initial discussion about what you want to get from the sessions our coach will tailor a block of sessions to meet your needs.


Once dates, venues and times are agreed the block of sessions will commence.

How it works

Our Coaches

Our coaches have all been on a different coaching journey up to now and their areas of expertise vary. We are not a team of coaches who have all played sports to a professional level. What we are is a company of coaches whom all have thousands of hours of working with children under the belt and do so on a daily basis. We understand how children learn and how to design sessions to get the very best outcomes.

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Jack Avery

Jack is Durham United Womens first Team coach and is studying for his UEFA B. He has experience in a range of education settings and vast knowledge of long term play development.  

Contact Jack about a session


Ben Todd

Ben is en ex North East 60 & 100m sprinting champion. Along with being a qualified football coach running a grassroots U12 team he is a qualified early years practitioner and fundamental movement program specialist. He can deliver sessions with various outcomes. 

Contact Ben about a session


Chris Maiello

Chris offers 1-2-1 and small group goalkeeping sessions for all ages aimed at improving technical and tactical aspect when playing as a goalkeeper. His experience of delivering GK sessions ranges from beginners to aspiring goalkeepers who want to take it to the next level.

Contact Chris about a session


Kieron Richardson

Kieron is a current DUFC first team player and assists with team coaching sessions for several DUFC youth teams alongside running an U13 team. Players should see real benefits from Kieron's enthusiastic, positive style of coaching. 

Contact Kieron about a session


Brett Garrett

Brett is a passionate Level 2 coach that has coached Team Durham Ladies to a high league position and also runs a Durham United’s under 14’s team. He takes pride in empowering my players to understand the game from an internal perspective, a player that is able to critically understand the game his aim

Contact Brett about a session

121 Training -  Our Private Training is a full hour session with just the individual and one of our coaches, this serves for a great opportunity for personal development. Each session focuses on 4 elements: Technical, Tactical, Physical, & Mental. The sessions will be tailored to the individual's needs which can really accelerate the player's progress.

Group Training Our Group Training is a service for the players who like the idea of improving with a teammate or a group of friends. They are training sessions that can include up to 4 players and focus on the 4 key elements: Technical, Tactical, Physical, & Mental. The Group Training enables the coaches to work on more game-like scenarios, with having the ability to work on things like passing combinations, shooting combinations & 1v1’s. Our group training service also adds the social side of training, which certain players prefer.


Please note that with our Private Group training sessions, the booking should only be made if you have the group of players already. 

Goalkeeping Many goalkeepers can get overlooked in a group environment, and find themselves just saving shots at the end of the training, with minimal technical detail been given. Our goalkeeper training gives any goalkeeper the opportunity to spend a full hour with our goalkeeper specific coach, allowing the coach to work on the different goalkeeping techniques such as Handling, Positioning, Distribution and Footwork.

Fitness - Whether its fitness for football or just fitness, in general, you would like to improve on then get in touch for us to tailor a block of sessions to achieve your goals.

T&Cs of our Group Sessions